Color palette designer with live preview for interactive web-design.

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Color harmony rules

Choose colors that fit together with one of pre-defined color harmony rules. Or don't be bound with any rule at all in Free mode.

Contrast check for best legibility

Make sure text using your color palette is easy to read! On the fly contrast check is here to help.

Unique realtime preview

Use any connected device nearby for instant preview of your scheme! The best part is that the number of connected devices at same time is unlimited. You can see your colors in context, be it on your tablet, laptop, big computer monitor or even smart-TV.

Open SDK

Plug Colouro real-time preview into your workflow with easy-to-use SDK!

It is easy like doing:

$ npm i -D colouro-sdk

See tutorial for more info.

Color Fine-tune

Pick exactly the color tone you are looking for. With fine-tune view it is so easy. Just choose the color plane and zoom and point your finger tip in the right spot. Using fine-tune with live preview is so mesmerizing, just let your finger wonder around and see the changes immediately. The haptic feedback makes this experience even better, letting you know how change being made is exactly big without looking at screen!

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